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Benedictine monastery, Lokrum. Basin, or some sort of planter. Possibly a baptistry?

The name of the island was probably derived from the Latin word acrumen: sour fruit. The Benedictines built a monastery with a church in 1023. The three-nave basilica, built in Romanesque style, was twice extended, so that its bell tower (also the defence tower at the same time) remained within the church. The church, the old monastery and a part of the new monastery (from beginning of the 14th century) were severely damaged in the disastrous earthquake in 1667. A legend has it that, in a raging storm, the English king Richard the Lionhearted landed on Lokrum in 1191, when he was returning home from one of the Crusades. Several preserved churches include a small church of the Annunciation and the chapel of St. Blaise from 1557.

Alan Duncan
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